My window tinting journey started when I was 15 years old back in 2006. The automotive industry fascinated me and had a friend who was a Window Tinter at his brother's shop at Waco Tint, which peaked my interest. Any chance I got in between school and my job, I was there with him at the shop to watch. I eventually began to practice and learn the trade. I developed a very good relationship with with the shop and would work there during the summer. I also began to get into Electronics and 12Volt; installing Remote Starters and Alarms. Once I graduated High School, I worked full time in the window tinting and 12volt industry and went to College. I graduated Tarleton State University with Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice Administration. I pursued a career in Law Enforcement. Through my career, I continued Window Tinting. Throughout the years, I made the decision to get into Window Tinting full-time. I worked for XP EL (formally Permaplate) and traveled throughout the country installing Window Tint and Paint Protection Film on brand new cars for Dealerships. During my down time, I continued to work for Waco Tint. I finally took the initiative and decided to open Texas Tint Shop December 3rd, 2022. Here we specialize in Automotive, Commercial, and Residential Window Tinting, Alarms, Remote Starts and Anti-Theft Kill Switches, and Paint Protection Films. Our slogan is Quality not Quantity. We want our customers to experience a friendly, professional experience.